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Sunday, 4 December 2005
Actual Knitting Updates
Topic: Knitting
The Guitar Sox are in time out. They're being shunned.
I'm not even finished frogging the second left sock.

So there.

However, I've finally taken a real step in the Jaywalker KnitALong. Yes, I've chosen my yarn! The readership was clear... the Bonkers yarn received more votes than all other options. So, moments before I sat down to type today, I wound it into usable balls:

Aren't they lovely? And that color is pretty darned close.

I've finished sleeve one of Dan's sweater to his satisfaction. Here it is 1/2 way through sleeve two.

As it sits now, I've finished both sleeves (and even ripped back sleeve one's cuff and re-did it 1/2 inch earlier in the process to make sure it was PERFECT for him.) Next up -- the center front. Ive got to add a bit there (don't ask) and decide on the button band and the collar shaping....

The Wedding shawl had to experience a four row frog -- I'd picked up a stitch somewhere by knitting a strand between stitches. Huh? I'll re-shoot it when I've made progress.

The Weeping Willow remains on hold until the Wedding Shawls are done.

The Pre-Columbian Shawl is also on hold for a bit.

There are two impending babies in my friends' lives ... gotta plot some baby blankets! or maybe sweaters... something for spring and summer babies. (
That's where I am.

Frogging and Knitting in Illinois

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Updated: Monday, 5 December 2005 7:46 PM CST

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