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Sunday, 1 January 2006
New Year Weather Report - Fickle
Two days ago, it was snowing clumps.

No, not flakes, clumps. Practically snowballs already.

I tried to get good pictures of just how big the flakes were, but at least you can see the streaks as they fell.

By yesterday evening, it looked like this outside

Can you say "Fickle Weather?"
Sure, I knew you could.

Between those photos, we went to see King Kong. For reasons beyond my comprehension, DH decided this would be a perfect movie for the whole family.


If you excise the middle stuff, where Peter Jackson evidently felt compelled to insert a wee bit of Jurassic Park followed by some sort of Revenge of the Giant Bugs sequence, it would have been okay. But that middle chunk kept at least one child's head buried in my shoulder for the duration, and added nothing useful to the plot.

I managed to make some headway on the Jaywalker Socks during the film -- before the kids got scared. I've also done dome knitting at home, and they're actually starting to look like they might BE socks in the foreseeable future (knock wood)

Project List, Short Form
I start the year with the following knitting projects actively on the needles:

1) Jay Walker Socks for the KAL

2) Dan's Sweater

3) The second of the Celtic Wedding Shawls

Armed with great instructions for a PVC blocking frame from MatthewI have, lined up to block, the first of the Celtic Wedding Shawls.

I have passively on the needles, waiting for me to give them some attention:

1) The Prue-Columbian Shawl
2) The Guitar Socks (who are still in the dog house for not telling me I'd made two left ones)
3) A gorgeous top out of Tess' Designer Yarns microfiber ribbon that will not sew up the way the instructions say it will
4) A ribbon dress for summer

I have panting to get on the needles

1 hat for Jay, now that I've finally found the appropriate yellow yarn (he asked for it!)

New Year's Resolutions?

None yet. Vague ideas about clearing the clutter out of my house, knitting more, finishing more, exercising, interacting with my friends more, etc. etc. I wonder, would vowing to go to Knit Night or Saturday Knits regularly help me toward one or more of my goals?

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Updated: Sunday, 1 January 2006 2:00 PM CST

Monday, 2 January 2006 - 5:57 AM CST

Name: chris

Yeah we've just seen King Kong too and my daughter (15) said that the scariest bit was that giant worm thing sucking up the man ,head first.That definitely wasnt in the original!
The dinosaurs were though.If you wanted to give your kids phobias about insects,just get the DVD when it comes out !
Our weather in southern UK has been just the same!

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