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Thursday, 5 January 2006
These Socks are Cursed
I was, merrily Jaywalking along, when it happened again! And this time, I was KNITTING when it happened...

What you see before you is another snapped Brittany.

As I'm sure you can well imagine, I am not a happy camper here. I'm also a bit miffed that the picture shows up much pinkier/purplier than the socks do. What's up with that?

I'm blaming this particular break on the double decreases, but golly, they don't put that much stress on the needles, do they??

I thought all was lost. That the Jaywalkers would be sidelined again while I waited for delivery of a shipment of a new set of Brittany 2.25 mm needles.
Elizabeth to the rescue!
My dear, wonderful "bestest friend ever", who remains blogless, has saved the day again!

She leant me these:

Size 1 Brittanies. Isn't she wonderful??? Now I don't have to switch to metal needles!

Perhaps if I start calling them Crosswalkers it will confuse the curse...

Meanwhile, I've since been able to calm myself enough get a picture of the impending ankle adaptation I'm making:

Note that wee bit of ribbing there? That's for ankle fitting. I find that ribbing at the back of my ankle, before the heel flap, is very comfy -- and let's my socks fit my [ahem] lovely slender ankles without causing problems with my irksome high instep...

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Updated: Thursday, 5 January 2006 11:23 PM CST

Wednesday, 11 January 2006 - 5:19 AM CST

Name: Sandy
Home Page:

By the way, if you go to the Brittany site:
and email them (here is their guarantee) they will send another. A couple if I'm not mistaken. Nice company. You will love them even more!

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