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Tuesday, 10 January 2006
Sheets and Pipes and Socks
Topic: Knitting
I've discovered something wonderful!
You know that marvelous yarn made out of Bamboo -- how luxurious and silky and soft it is? Well some wise person took to weaving with it ... on what is undoubtedly an enormous loom ... and made sheets out of it! Yes! It's true! You can now buy Bamboo Sheets. They're divine! Ask me how I know...

Ask me whether I'm thinking of just returning the 600 count sheets I bought to spoil myself the same day I bought these? YES, because I can't imagine that they feel any better than these, much less twice as good (which they'd have to, to justify paying twice the cost).

And someone please point out to me that buying one set in every color would really be a violation of the GCop program! The first set of sheets would not be -- they were just replacements: DH somehow managed to make a wee tear in the old (yes OLD... so old they were due for replacement anyway) sheet, and then failed to point it out until he'd torn a HUGE hole... I should have photographed it.

I DID manage to get the full 100 items gone plus some by the end of last weekend, despite fighting migraines and shopping for sheets.

In further damaged to GCOP, I bought my new blocking tools:

Note the door ... it's there for size comparison with the PVC pipes that run up past the ceiling.

Yeppir, I bought two ten foot lengths of PVC pipe, and some joints:

Clearly, I'm not doing as well as one might with Getting Stuff OFF the property... but these will be cut to size (with spare bits for future items) and joined appropriately to form perfect stretcher bars for blocking the Celtic Shawls. I'll run a bit of light string through the edges, and then use more string to lace the stuff to the pipes, and then stretch..... Sounds fun eh?

Sounds much more fun than last night's discovery of the mistake I made in the JayCrossWalker socks. We will not discuss that since I made that mistake, I not only finished the heel flap, but turned the heel and finished off the gusset. ahem.

In rebellion, I started sock 2. Of course, the first thing I did there was to cast on not one, not two, but eight too many stitches. I figured that out after I had knit the inch of ribbing and started the pattern stitch, at which point it became ... shall we say .. obvious?? I've fixed that now, and am re-doing that lovely k2p2 rib in a more appropriate number of stitches.

As for sock one, I've decided to put it to the BlogReader test. If you all can see and identify my mistake (which right now is driving ME nuts), I'll frog back, and do it right. If not... I'll try to talk myself into living with it.

Have a closer look:

So.. Today's report
G-COP - Added several items, Disposed of none since Sunday
Socks - aren't winning yet, but...

Posted by shadowdancer105 at 3:56 PM CST | Post Comment | View Comments (4) | Permalink

Tuesday, 10 January 2006 - 5:05 PM CST

Name: Shelby Bidwell
Home Page:

hi Helen,

I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner on SP7! I only just saw your post. We were strict with the closing of sign ups on the 4th. You're welcome to be put on our list of Angels, which will be helpful to have a list of people we can call on when pals bail (as some do). If you'd like to be an angel, just send an e-mail to, and we'll add you to the Angel list.

We will post as soon as possible about SP8.


Wednesday, 11 January 2006 - 5:15 AM CST

Name: Sandy
Home Page:

Helen, I think your jay/crosswalker socks are lovely. LOVELY. And I do know that misery loves company, so there. :)
I cannot see the mistake on the sock. Nor will I look that closely to see it. I DO think they are wonderful. And what you have to remember is this: They go on your feet. Under pants. Under shoes. So, keep that in mind while you ponder one mistake.
Now, if they are a gift, that is another story. Because when you give them, you'll be apt to say, "Yeah,well, there is that ONE spot" which is unacceptable under the knitter code.
Thanks for sharing. I love the company!

Thursday, 12 January 2006 - 10:59 AM CST

Name: Lisa
Home Page:

I agree with Sandy - I don't think it'll be that obvious. But I will add that if it is really going to bother you, then fix it now. Guess it depends on what type of person you are - if you can live with it or if it will drive you crazy.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad to hear others are as emotional as I am. I just want to ask if you left both the "helen" comments? Blogger isn't great about letting me know how to respond and I hate thinking I can't say thank you to someone for visiting.

Thursday, 12 January 2006 - 3:33 PM CST

Name: shadowdancer105

okay, so the thing _I_ see is that while the line in the center of the heel was pointing UP until the heel flap, it points down in the heel flap. I should have done the heel 1/2 repeat over...

I think I'll try it on again to see if that shift FEELS weird...

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