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Sunday, 29 January 2006

Today was a good day.

I started by taking a lovely walk with DH, then having a lovely cup of coffee with him while reading the funnies.

Then, I drug my dear friend Elizabeth to knit a the LYS.(E reads this (HI THERE) and other blogs, but remains both ignorant (until yesterday) about You Knit What and also blogless -- I will harass her about the latter, here, in public, until she succumbs) Anyway, once at the LYS, she graciously photographed me in this:

See the marvelous purple poncho? Elizabeth brought it back for me me me from Spain. Note, she was travelling with children and still managed to find this poncho in a perfect me color, and bring it back to me. Isn't it yummy? You should feel it. It's scrumptiously soft. (and it's mine... mine mine).

I'm still not sure how all these other knitters were able to resist it... but they were pretty focused on their own knitting (or each others' -- is, as usual, solving problems for fellow knitters)

So... anyway, while there, I finished the first of the Jaywalker socks! i finished the second later that afternoon.

Elizabeth was wondering how I got my gussets to look the way they do:

Her's have a clear line along the gusset decreases. Mine don't because I used the double decreases in the pattern -- and simply neglected one of the corresponding increases in the gusset area. I must confess, that once I got to the heel, I sort of lost track of the official pattern, so I may have been patterning on a greater percentage of the sock than the designer planned.....

Elizabeth also asked about the heel:

She's urged me to write this up... and I'll be consulting with the mahvelous Ms Grumperina about where she wants me to put the modification information -- after all, it IS her sock!

I'm progressing nicely on the Shedir, but I'm clearly looking at yarn shortage. I have so little doubt that I'm going to run out that I may have to just... quit. I've already cut down the pattern repeats... but I don't think I've enough left for the decrease section. I may put it on a big enough needle today to let Miss C try it on. She is, after all, a kid. Maybe I can make it still shallower.... thus having to frog only about 8 rounds instead of the whole stupid hat...

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