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Monday, 30 January 2006
Of Cats and Hats and Lack of Space
I was swatching here and there between rounds of Shedir, and put a ball of yarn in my chair so that when I returned to it, it would be next up to check for Rogue-worthiness.

When I returned I found this:

Gabriel clearly likes this ball of yarn. I don't blame him. I like it too. However, I'd like it much better if I were allowed to swatch with it. I may have said something about that ...

Even in his sleep, he evidently wanted to exert more control over the yarn. I puttered a bit, and returned to find him clearly staking his claim:

Eventually, I was able to get my hands on the yarn .. it's not Rogue-worthy at all.


On a brighter note..

Shedir is finished, thanks to a bit of left-over alpaca from my mother's wristlets. Here it is soaking, preparing for its dye bath:

Here it is again, resting in the sink. Note the pale green center... I needed a mere three yards to finish it ...

A side view, of a still wet hat:

I prepared a dye bath with what started as 2/3 water 1/3 vinegar, and a packet of ice blue raspberry lemonade flavored Koolade. It took a bit more water to cover the hat, but there was still plenty of blue:

Or so I thought. After it simmered for half an hour, it became clear that this did not do the trick; that green spot was still green. So I added a packet of another blue flavor (I forgot), that was darker blue. This one I poured directly onto that center spot, and then slowly swirled the water in a circle. I added a splash more vinegar while I was at it, and left the pot to simmer for another half hour or so...

You will note the clear absence of pale green in the center of the hat. (Also the absence of any blue in that water...) I shut of the stove, and let it all cool while we went for a walk.

On our return, the hat was cool enough to handle, so I gently squeezed out the excess water, then rolled it in a towel, and set in on "The Head" to dry

Over all, it's clearly blue-er...

but the variegation still shows. This pleases C. She wasn't at all sure she liked the dyeing idea.

As you would have been able to see, had I not just run out of disk space at Tripod,the center is still clearly different, but at least now it looks like we meant it that way.

Tomorrow will be the ultimate test -- it goes on a kid's head, and almost certainly gets worn, not merely to school, but all day in school.

Meanwhile, I have to consider whether my year's tenure here is long enough -- should I move to somewhere that will let me actually put buttons on the sidebars? or pay for "upgraded" service here (and agree to their insane $10.00 "set up fee" for upgrading my already existing service by adding a mere 5 megs of space?) Comments and recommendations strongly encouraged.

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Updated: Monday, 30 January 2006 8:50 AM CST

Monday, 30 January 2006 - 10:40 AM CST

Name: Cathy
Home Page:

Interesting that our cats are both yellow and names start with G and are yarn thieves. I would settle for Guppy sleeping with the yarn instead of unwinding it around the furniture but you can't have everything.

Love the hat colors. Funny C was skeptical of the dyeing idea. Waiting to hear "I told you so" when she wears it all day.

I like typepad for my blog - but that's coz I am a technokeeg (opposite of geek) and typepad is easy.

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