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Sunday, 22 January 2006
JayCrossWalkers and Ballets and memes
The JayCrossWalker Socks are cooperating so nicely now that I'm tempted to revert to their original name. And yet... I'm afraid to jinx them.

Both socks are now just past the heel/gusset, and are progressing through that space where I include arch darts to accommodate my high arched/high instepped feet.

If you look closely, you'll see two wee yellow arrows pointing to two decreases where I've started the arch dart. I'll be putting another set in on the next row. After an inch or so, I'll be putting in three sets of corresponding increases... my foot is wider in the front than the heel, and that lets me accommodate that as well.

Other knitting has been slowed a tad by the Russian National Ballet, who visited here this past week. I was forced compelled bewitched into (aw who am I kidding) incredibly lucky enough to get to go twice. Once with just my girlfriends, when we saw Sleeping Beauty, and once with my girls when we saw Swan Lake. I admit, the Sleeping Beauty performance was a tad disappointing, made moreso by the misleading descriptions in the play book (which promised much leaping about by the thoroughly grounded bluebird, for example). But Swan Lake was wonderful.

I almost made up for it by spending most of Saturday at the yarn shop, knitting and browsing and knitting, and helping others and browsing... I even found an orange yarn that I liked! Bear in mind -- I hate orange. I have no use for that color as anything but a wee accent. But this one, whose name I have forgotten, was really nice. It was variegated sort of thing, in shades of orange... I sat with it for quite a while, and would have bought the 5 skeins they had if I could have thought of what to make out of it....

Qwyzzle has my attention again. I'm on level 70 out of 100. I thought I'd gotten it, but alas, was wrong. Shows me to be too cocky I guess. we will not discuss how much knitting time this takes.

And lastly, a meme... because one sneaky blogger tagged everyone,
And because I was tempted...
and because...

Four jobs you have had in your life:
1. Police Dispatcher
2. Knitting Instructor
3. Computer Programmer
4. General Counsel for a Hammer manufacturer

Four movies you could watch over and over:
1. Princess Bride
2. The American President
3. Fantasia
4. LadyHawke

Four places you have lived:
1. Madison, Wisconsin (for 2 years, I was born there)
2. University City, Missouri
3. Urbana, Illinois
4. Takoma Park, Maryland

Four TV shows you love to watch:
These are based more on what I'm watching on DVD... I never seem to watch any show in the current season.
1. Buffy (and Angel)
2. Charmed
3. West Wing
4. Smallville

Four places you have been on vacation:
1. MidCoast Maine
2. Disneyworld
3. New Orleans, Louisiana
4. Bermuda

Four websites you visit (almost) daily:
1. the Yarn Harlot (generally followed by the other blogs I read. I promise to get that list up soon)
2. Qwyzzle
3. my own blog's update page ... to write these entries
4. My public library's website

Four of your favorite foods:
1. Rich Dark Chocolate
2. Fresh Green Beans
3. Cantaloupe
4. fresh, perfectly ripe artichokes

Four places you would rather be right now:
1. Bremen Maine, curled up in Mom's living room, looking out over her amazing back yard and the tidal stream that runs through it
2. in the Colorado Rockies
3. in a house where all the chores have been done, and all the paper has been filed or put out for recycling
4. on a massage table

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Updated: Sunday, 22 January 2006 5:15 PM CST
Saturday, 21 January 2006
Red Scarf Finished@
Friday morning, the OFA Scarf for the Red Scarf Project looked like this

I came so close to finishing it with only 5 balls of yarn, but in the end, had to use a few yards of the sixth ball. This plays havoc with my yardage calculations for the pattern, so that will be delayed while I make friends with math.

Then, I had to learn a new cast off (I wanted one that came pretty close to matching the long tail cast on -- and found it in the half-hitch bind off from Principles of Knitting). Today at Knit Morning (Saturday Knit In? what DO they call it??), I finished the scarf and wove in all the ends! Here is is preparing to dry after being washed...

And here, just because I crossed so darned many of them backwards, and thus had to redo them... is a close up of the cables

I've just joined The great-unloved-sock-yarn-swap-of-06 What fun!
Even though we've got quite some time to gather our unloved sock yarn, I'm ready to put some in a package now... Let's hope I don't start loving it before I mail it off!

Meanwhile, the Jawalkers are progressing... pictures tomorrow

And though I should be focusing on my Celitic Shawl, I may just have to make the Thistle Coat for my Olympic Knitting project:

It'll be a challenge, but since we're talkin' 4 stitches to the inche here, it'll be do-able. And it will allow me to continue in my lemming like behavior, as two others at Needleworks (my LYS) are Thistling...

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Updated: Saturday, 21 January 2006 11:56 PM CST
Thursday, 19 January 2006
OFA Red Scarf Update
Topic: Charity Knitting
So, I was merrily knitting along yesterday, when my simple cabled scarf suddenly became a Seaman's scarf.

I've no idea what happened.

Okay, I do have an idea. I thought that it might be a tad wide, and a tad stiff for cozy comfort around the recipient's neck, and even though I've already tested part of it to confirm that it DOES soften up when blocked soaked in water and allowed to dry, I wanted to be sure that it's giftee would be comfy and cozy.

Here it is, today, after yesteday's knitting with an inch or three added during lunch break:

I've now adapted the pattern so much that, with the original author's permission, I'll be posting this variation myself. Watch for it in a day or so.

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Monday, 16 January 2006
G-COP and OFA Knitting
OFA Scarf

As promised, I started knitting yesterday morning. Thanks to a bunch of DVD TV watching, I've gotten this far:

It's as long as my thigh already! Here's a closer shot of the cables. Do the x's show up? I clearly see the Os, but the Xs don't seem as clear to me :-(

I've also been talking about this project around and about -- to librarians and friends. Here's hoping that at least one of these folks responds by knitting a scarf. If you've joined in the fray (whether because of something I said, or something you read on another blog), let me know...

In fact... I think ... yes... it's pseudo contest time here. Let me know if you're working on this project. I'll put your name in a hat. Then, once you've actually sent your scarf to OFA, let me know that too... I'll put your name in again. If you've got a blog, be sure to post your scarf on the blog and send me the link! (if not, email me a pic...and I'll post it). On February 1, after all submissions need to have been either dropped off at Einsteins, or shipped in the mail, I'll draw a name from the hat for a yarnish surprise!

I'll be spending the day alternating between laundry, knitting, choosing yarn for the OFA prize, cleaning, knitting and working on G-Cop

G-Cop Udate for the week of January 9-16

56 items out ... not counting the paper purge -- of paper that came in through the mail. These include mostly clothes from the four of us, but also several books and a DVD I sold on Amazon.

8 items of clothing in (but... but... Coldwater Creek was having a 70% off sale .. and over half is work clothes, and most of the rest could be worn to work.... and.... and... I did do somewhat of a closet purge....

8 balls of yarn in over the past two weeks-- 6 of which are for a gift and so will be going back out again (by AMardi Gras???)

1 book in.

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Updated: Monday, 16 January 2006 12:05 PM CST
Saturday, 14 January 2006
B is for BOOKS!

This is a statue that a local library commissioned to place outside its new wing (also new front door). I love that someone cares enough about books to put them in a form that last forever, and yet maintains whimsy...

Of course, as much as I love these stone books, I prefer them with paper (or maybe vellum) pages.

Books have been an integral part of my life as long as I can remember. Books have given me vacations when life was awful (I could always escape into a book.) Books still give me vacations -- all the time.

Books have given me guidance when I was lost or confused.

Books help me get to sleep at night.

Books taught me a lot of my knitting skills, and now keep knitting patterns and inspirations for me.

Books taught me history, law, cooking, and a bit of psychology. Books taught me child rearing techniques -- and how to ignore them. Books taught me that people, like books, are not always what their covers imply.

Books are even introducing me to new people (I've finally yielded to the urge to joing a book group).

In honor of Books, I'm giving in to this meme:

1) Total number of books in your house:

This is definitely going to be a loose estimate. If you think I'm going to count them, you're insane (or think I have the week off). I'm going to say approximately 1900.

How I got there. I do have a outdated list of my fiber books which says I have 279 of them. Since I last updated that list, I've bought some and sold some, so I'm going with that number. (This number does not, of course, include back issues of magazines, or individual patterns... only actual books.)

As for other books, in the house I guesstimated by counting the books on a few shelves, counting shelves, and averaging... that gets me over 1500 in the "library". (Dontcha just love those shelves??)

I know that we have 50 items out from the library (only 4 of which are movies or cds). I've another 50 or so in my office.

I didn't count the kids' books because a) they're an ever shifting number -- we donate them to the library when they're truly done with them, but they get bookstore gift cards for every gift giving event (and are thrilled).

Books keep me from fretting about artwork, we just fill our walls with shelves...

2) The last book you read before starting this meme was:
"The Hollow Kingdom" by Clare B. Dunkel; one of my daughters read it and thought I'd enjoy it too. She was right.
Of course, I'm curretnly in the midst of two more..

3) The last book you bought was:

Great Knits for Kids by Debbie Bliss, because after poring over the library copy, my daughter said she wnated about half the sweaters in it.

4) List 5 books you often read or that mean a lot to you.
Only FIVE???

- Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land
- Frank Herbert's Dune
- Katherine Kurtz's Deryni Series
- Certain parts of The Prophet, by Kahil Gibran, and the Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tsu
- Knitting without Tears, and Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmerman (and yes, I did just read them before doing anything else about them.

Please note: this list excludes things like the Dictionary (to which I refer OFTEN, but which I've not actually sat down to read) and many knitting books to which I refer repeatedly, if not often. It also ignores the stuff I use at work.

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Updated: Tuesday, 17 January 2006 12:00 AM CST

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