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Saturday, 17 December 2005
Rough Week
Mood:  sad
Topic: Life Goes On
This week had a few sad surprises in it for me.

On Monday I learned that our friend Stormy Wheeler died suddenly. Stormy was an incredible guy. Despite his name, I can't remember a single time when his face wore an expression more dire than neutral -- usually it was a smile.

I hate to knit when I'm mourning, for fear that I put the mourning into the object. And yet, I need the knitting for my own solace. I hope I knit some solace into the SIL shawl and my mom's pulse warmers.

On Tuesday night, I discovered that knitting in mourning can lead to mistakes -- which mistakes cause you to pull the sorrow back out of the project to leave room for solace. I'd finished the first of Mom's pulse warmers, having used a nifty cast/off that's more of a graft with prior stitches to form a wee hem. When I tried it on, I discovered that I'd put the thumb gusset in the wrong place. They were most uncomfortable. I frogged back to the start of the gusset.

On the drive back from the funeral Wednesday (it was in Chicago, and the weather was very driver-friendly of the whole day despite dire warnings of 7 inch snow accumulation), I knit up most of the second pulse warmer, and let the first one rest.

Not sure what Mom's going to do with the Stormy memories that are inevitably knit into that garment, but I hope there was more joy than sorrow. It all got mixed with disbelief -- I still can't quite reconcile the fact that he's gone.

Then on Thursday morning, my daughter's teacher's mother died. I think she was very ill, but still, Kathy didn't expect to lose her just then. We learned that Friday morning.

Then last night, at our office Christmas Party, one of the partner's learned that his father died -- very suddenly. It was a bit stunning, and I don't think it's sunk in for any of us except Tom, for whom it must be devastatingly unreal.

In the background, my SIL said something earlier this week that sounded like HER father was not going to live much longer....

It seems a bit like death is circling. I'll continue to put up a brave front... and pretend that since things come in threes, death is through with me for the time being. I'm trying to muster that joyful generous gift giving spirit that I need to shop for the stuff I haven't made, and to finish the projects on the needles.

The Jaywalkers walk again... I've made nominal progress, but they are progressing:

And the SIL shawl (which I'd actually hoped to have finished by 5:00 tonight) has gone from here:

to here:

I'd knit like a madwoman today, but I've only got about four hours before we must hit the road, gifts in hand for the Annual Family Party in Burr Ridge. this time, DH drives UP so I can knit en route...

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Updated: Saturday, 17 December 2005 10:23 AM CST

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