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Tuesday, 10 January 2006
Sheets and Pipes and Socks
Topic: Knitting
I've discovered something wonderful!
You know that marvelous yarn made out of Bamboo -- how luxurious and silky and soft it is? Well some wise person took to weaving with it ... on what is undoubtedly an enormous loom ... and made sheets out of it! Yes! It's true! You can now buy Bamboo Sheets. They're divine! Ask me how I know...

Ask me whether I'm thinking of just returning the 600 count sheets I bought to spoil myself the same day I bought these? YES, because I can't imagine that they feel any better than these, much less twice as good (which they'd have to, to justify paying twice the cost).

And someone please point out to me that buying one set in every color would really be a violation of the GCop program! The first set of sheets would not be -- they were just replacements: DH somehow managed to make a wee tear in the old (yes OLD... so old they were due for replacement anyway) sheet, and then failed to point it out until he'd torn a HUGE hole... I should have photographed it.

I DID manage to get the full 100 items gone plus some by the end of last weekend, despite fighting migraines and shopping for sheets.

In further damaged to GCOP, I bought my new blocking tools:

Note the door ... it's there for size comparison with the PVC pipes that run up past the ceiling.

Yeppir, I bought two ten foot lengths of PVC pipe, and some joints:

Clearly, I'm not doing as well as one might with Getting Stuff OFF the property... but these will be cut to size (with spare bits for future items) and joined appropriately to form perfect stretcher bars for blocking the Celtic Shawls. I'll run a bit of light string through the edges, and then use more string to lace the stuff to the pipes, and then stretch..... Sounds fun eh?

Sounds much more fun than last night's discovery of the mistake I made in the JayCrossWalker socks. We will not discuss that since I made that mistake, I not only finished the heel flap, but turned the heel and finished off the gusset. ahem.

In rebellion, I started sock 2. Of course, the first thing I did there was to cast on not one, not two, but eight too many stitches. I figured that out after I had knit the inch of ribbing and started the pattern stitch, at which point it became ... shall we say .. obvious?? I've fixed that now, and am re-doing that lovely k2p2 rib in a more appropriate number of stitches.

As for sock one, I've decided to put it to the BlogReader test. If you all can see and identify my mistake (which right now is driving ME nuts), I'll frog back, and do it right. If not... I'll try to talk myself into living with it.

Have a closer look:

So.. Today's report
G-COP - Added several items, Disposed of none since Sunday
Socks - aren't winning yet, but...

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Wednesday, 7 December 2005
On and Off the Needles
Topic: Knitting
Progress is being made.
and Knit A Longs every where are tempting me!

There's one -- Off the Sticks by 2006 that I've'd join were I've not so afraid to look at all the slow moving WIPS lurking around the house. But I did do a bit in that regard. Yesterday, I've disinterred the Latvian Wristers I've started at Stitches in August.

Doing so reminded me just how Wonderful my Friend Elizabeth is. (I've can't link to her; despite the fact that her husband is practically my resident geek, neither of them have a blog. What's up with that?) As we approached Stitches Midwest, I've was in need of four partial balls of sport weight yarn for the Wristers class. To prevent me from buying still MORE random yarn, she forked over this:

Does she love me? or what?

When I'd left the class, I was all but finished with one wrester. And when I got home, after working on them in the car, I'd gotten to here:

That, in fact, is what the thing looked like yesterday afternoon when I picked it up and discovered that all I needed to do was sew down the edge! (oh, and make another).

Here it is after sewing:

There are now TWO of these drying on my washer top. I've'll be giving them to Caitlin for Christmas (unless I've yield to temptation and give them to her early.)

This means that I've gotten five needles freed up and (gasp) put away. Yep. I put them AWAY! (you can do that you know. The needles really do just fine locked away in their storage cases. They don't need more air or sunlight to survive until they're needed again. The peaceful darkness let's them get their rest. Really. It's true. I would never lie to you about a thing like that!

I've have also managed to put in a bit of time on the Jaywalkers:

and have been making slow progress on the Wedding Shawl. I've've realized that I've gleaned the number of stitches I've cast on from a pattern that used a different gauge than I have with the yarn on the needles. I've begun adapting to get at least the appropriate length by doing the decreases every third row instead of every other row. I've can't bear to frog it all out. Someone tell me that my SIL's partner (who I've guess is now my SIL too, since she DID marry my SIL) won't notice that the shawl isn't quite as wide at the bottom as it might be....

Meanwhile, this post has taken days to get done because someone in my neighborhood keeps killing the cable (and thus my connection to the Internet). I've had to type one section three times. That'll learn me to hit "Save as Draft" more often!

Hitting post now, just to prevent this from disappearing altogether again. Please forgive the typos...

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Updated: Thursday, 8 December 2005 11:59 PM CST
Sunday, 4 December 2005
Actual Knitting Updates
Topic: Knitting
The Guitar Sox are in time out. They're being shunned.
I'm not even finished frogging the second left sock.

So there.

However, I've finally taken a real step in the Jaywalker KnitALong. Yes, I've chosen my yarn! The readership was clear... the Bonkers yarn received more votes than all other options. So, moments before I sat down to type today, I wound it into usable balls:

Aren't they lovely? And that color is pretty darned close.

I've finished sleeve one of Dan's sweater to his satisfaction. Here it is 1/2 way through sleeve two.

As it sits now, I've finished both sleeves (and even ripped back sleeve one's cuff and re-did it 1/2 inch earlier in the process to make sure it was PERFECT for him.) Next up -- the center front. Ive got to add a bit there (don't ask) and decide on the button band and the collar shaping....

The Wedding shawl had to experience a four row frog -- I'd picked up a stitch somewhere by knitting a strand between stitches. Huh? I'll re-shoot it when I've made progress.

The Weeping Willow remains on hold until the Wedding Shawls are done.

The Pre-Columbian Shawl is also on hold for a bit.

There are two impending babies in my friends' lives ... gotta plot some baby blankets! or maybe sweaters... something for spring and summer babies. (
That's where I am.

Frogging and Knitting in Illinois

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Updated: Monday, 5 December 2005 7:46 PM CST
Saturday, 19 March 2005
Forgive me, for I have sinned
Mood:  cheeky
Now Playing: silence
Topic: Knitting
(Posted from the OLD computer, which was to have been handed down to the kids a month ago....)

Forgive me Mother, for I have sinned. I have spent money on yarn, and am planning to do it again.

I know I promised not to buy any yarn until I'd made a sizable dent in my stash.

And while it is true that I finished the two school sweaters, that wasn't from stash yarn, it was from yarn bought for the purpose.

I DID finish two pair of wrist warmers .. both from stash yarn ... the Valentine's gift in Reynolds Coco (of which I still have 19 balls for which I have no plans)

and the ones for ME ME ME in Crystal Palace Romance (of which I used the only ball I had, but which I love SO MUCH that I've been actively hunting down more, and have begun negotiations with a KnitSwap member who happens to have some in HER stash)

I've also made notable headway on the PONCHO

which I'm knitting out of stash (Patons Maya Aran). I started with 13 balls... and have used up about 9 so far). I'm almost done. I've got to sew the hem in....
But I'm not sure these hearts look enough like hearts,

and may have to frog back a few inches to fix them ... she wants HEARTS Mummy!!!

I've even made headway on the Thriller Shawl
For those of you NOT in the exchange, the pictures are Here

which I'm knitting out of stash yarn -- a mystery manufacturer, Russian I think, lovely alpaca boucle.
I've used up three balls so far.

And, I'm making some small headway on the sock. It's been restarted several times....

I got to here:

and wasn't delighted. So I frogged back 1/2 way...
and knit to here:

Still unhappy, I frogged 2/3 of the way and got to here:

Thoroughly disgruntled, I ripped it all the way back...
Started over...
And now have:

See... a toe! A toe that I'm happy with after ripping it back to about one inch six times. I thought I'd never have a whole toe!!! It's the frogpond sock toe.... but I've past that now, and hope to resume actual sock knitting again soon. But...that's not really stash yarn either. I mean, when I bought it, I knew I had enough sock yarn to make about 15 pairs, aging happily in the sock yarn drawers. But I was there, and it was there, and I bought it, and it hasn't been aging at all.... so, I don't think the socks count as stash knitting.

Even if all that stash yarn offset the plots for more Romance (I'm contemplating a Rogue!!! it'll be shimmery and lush and gorgeous unless, of course, I swap for or buy the Ruby Lady's Galway)...

the Ruby Lady made me go to the LYS with her to look at yarn to knit a Clapotis. I guess we're going to do this together... so REALLY! Last week she FORCED me to drag my children out of our perfectly lovely warm cozy home, and haul them to the LYS, where I was compelled to BRIBE them with promises of a small knitted object if they could find a ball of yarn they wanted it out of (note that>>> I'm bribing with yarn, but that means I'm BUYING more yarn to bribe them with).
So: Jessica wants a pair of wrist warmers of her very own... out of THIS:

Don't I have many lovely oddballs that would have made wrist warmers? of course I do. Some she might even like better. But I was bribing her.. remember?

(and the more I look at it, the more I think it'd make a lovely Rogue. That price tag will keep me in line though.)

And Caitlin wants a coin purse out of this:

{pic borrowed from the The Knitting Garden} } Noro Kureyon

Don't I have plenty of wool to felt a little coin purse from? I mean did I really have to spend $8.50 for a whole ball of Noro just for a freakin' felted coin purse? Evidently so.

And why did I do this??
so that I could buy THIS:

Lovely Noro Lily (70% Cotton and 30% silk), and
Queensland Collection Invito ((%0% Cotton, 50% nylon) for my Clapotis

Wanna closer look???

Like I didn't have plenty of lovely yarn that would have made a lovely Clapotis? The Tess Designer Yarns silk wouldn't work?? or Tess' alpaca for that matter? Or the Cherry Tree Hill in that glorious Iris color way? Okay, what about the Silk I bought at Halcyon? the one I've got that great Noro knitalong stuff to go with?? Like none of that would work??

Like I'm gonna knit that right now? with the Poncho deadline looming (April 4 birthday) and the Thriller Shawl deadline right after that (May 1!!) with the Poncho of yet unchosen yarn and design that I've promised Caitlin for HER birthday (May 18), not to mention the bribery wrist warmers (which I suppose ought to happen while it's still cold) and the coin purse.... So I HAD to get new yarn to knit a Clapotis? So I have to keep hunting down new yarn to knit a Rogue since NOTHING in my stash of 225 different KINDS of yarn with over 825 balls before we even COUNT the cones or one pound hanks ... NOTHING in that stash has 1500 yards in heavy worsted???

Forgive me, for I have sinned.

What shall I do as penance?

I'll go wind some balls of Lily while you think about it.

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Updated: Saturday, 19 March 2005 9:01 PM CST
Sunday, 13 February 2005
The deadline looms
Mood:  rushed
Topic: Knitting
So... I was supposed to be knitting on this lovely red wrist warmer. As you may recall, I was here on the second warmer:

Instead of putting it somewhere easy to find so that I could work on it, hid it from myself. And since I had a GUESTS for watching old Bablyon 5, and that guest had not yet been fully indoctrinated to my knitting compulsion, I felt it not quite appropriate to delay the viewing while I ran all over the house like a chicken with my head off to find where I'd stashed that knitting bag.

So I worked on Caitlin's sweater. I've all but finished the intricate shifting from dye lot A to dye lot B. AND.... I've all but finished the body of the sweater. Time to decide what to do about waist, button, and neck bands.

I took a picture, but you can't see a thing in the gloom. Will try again later.

But that means, that I got NO red knitting done last night. And today is grading day.

And I forgot about this shindig we have tonight for dinner....

So, the stress mounts.

I knit a couple of rows, I grade a paper. I knit a few rows, I grade a paper. Going to the bathroom let me get five rows done at once!

I've tried knitting while reading, but I have to comment all the time, so it doesn't really work. So here, with 10 papers and 16 hours(at least 7 of which will be spent asleep, and 3 of which will be spent at this shindig) to go, I am:

I'm not impressed.

Did I mention that I also have six hours of deposition reading to get done by 11:00 tomorrow morning?

Stephanie? How do you DO it??

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